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About us

The company executed various types of solar power system projects including supplying , installation and operations of systems for Private buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, mosques, palaces, villas and factories.
In addition to civil works , constructions and infrastructure projects such as electrical substations, towers telecommunication stations high tension towers and water lines and constructions works in various projects .
However, the prosperity of solar power system Industry in Jordan lead the company to concentrate on solar power system projects specializing in supplying , installations and operations of the solar power system ( photovoltaics system)
Our technical and executive staff are very keen to achieve required level of works in distinguished projects.

• Our vision
To become a major renewable Engineering Organization with specialized skill in development and maintenance of the solar systems , in addition to civil works such as roads and infrastructure in the targeted regions.

Our mission :
Contribute to the development of solar power systems methodology to improve structures to become more durable, more effective system and safer.

Our objective:
Steady growth of the market share, return on investment for the shareholders and value creation for all stakeholders our organization.

Our strategy:
– Utilization of leading edge
– Adoption of best construction practices.
– Development and retention of valuable employees.
– Adherence to the sustainability
– Optimization of our business processes.